Monday, May 26, 2014

Bible Study Notes in Jeremiah- Chapter 32

Jeremiah 32


-In the tenth year of Zedekiah and the eighteenth year of Nebuchadnezzar Jerusalem was besieged by the Chaldeans and Jeremiah was imprisoned in the court of the guard by Zedekiah for his prophecies of their doom (Jeremiah 32:1-5). Jeremiah, at this time, gets another word from the LORD to buy some property at Anathoth from Hanamel the son of Shallum, who was his uncle. The reason for this commanded purchase, as God revealed, was because they would be back in the land to own houses and fields and vineyards at some point (Jeremiah 32:6-15). After Jeremiah makes his purchase and had given the deed to Baruch to be put in the earthenware jar, the prophet prayed to the LORD with a massive praise to the Creator for His power and ableness and lovingkindness and justice and counsel and signs and wonders to make a Name for Himself (Jeremiah 32:16-20). He went on to tell the historical accomplishments of the saving God and the work He accomplished in bringing His children out of Egypt. Then he describes the disobedience of the unthankful and ungrateful children, which has brought on all this calamity. He reiterates the fact that the sword, the famine, and the pestilence that he predicted is now coming to pass for all to see (Jeremiah 32:21-24, 36). The vengeance of the LORD is upon His children for correction after a long time of rebellion. Nothing is too difficult for Him because He is the God of all flesh (Jeremiah 32:27). He was provoked to anger by the idolatry and rejection (Jeremiah 32:28-36), but He hints at future restoration just when all seems lost.

-He will gather His children back from where He has driven them in His anger, wrath, and indignation to dwell in safety. They will always be His people, and He will be their God with one heart and one way, fearing only Him always for their own good and their children’s good after them. God at that time will make an everlasting covenant with them to do them good and will never turn away from them. The LORD will rejoice over them to do them good and will faithfully plant them in this land with all His heart and with all His soul. For just as the LORD brought all this great disaster upon His people, so will He bring on them all the good that He is promising them. Fields will again be bought in this land, signing and sealing deeds and calling in witnesses according to the law in the land of Benjamin, Jerusalem, Judah, the hill country, the coastal lowland, and the cities of the Negev (south country). God will restore their fortunes by His own declaration (Jeremiah 32:37-44).

-*Application* God’s plan includes not only the Jewish people, to whom He will never forget and keep every promise, but He also includes us as believing Gentiles because of the work and New Covenant promises in Christ Jesus. No matter what God takes us through in His corrective discipline, He will restore and give back out of His love and compassion. Our choices as His children are what make things difficult or easy. If we will simply fear the LORD and keep faith with Him in every decision, we will cultivate His favor and complete goodness. Consequences are real as we can see in this chapter. Even though God will bring His children back in the end, the chastising of a curative God is difficult to go through, so it is best to obey Him and go His way from the get-go.


Verses to Memorize: Jeremiah 32:17-20, 40, 42

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