Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bible Study Notes in Jeremiah- Chapter 25

Jeremiah 25

-In the fourth year of Jehoiakim’s reign and the first year of the Babylonian invasion Jeremiah received yet more words from the LORD concerning the nation’s fate and that of the world in general. He had been prophesying for some 23 years to no avail in the land, which is reiterated over and over and over again in the text. The people simply would not listen to the LORD’s servants, the true prophets, and turn back to Him from their evil way and deeds. God could have saved them, but they were stubborn in their rebellion and got God’s just punishment making the land a desolation, a horror, a destruction, and a hissing. The voice of joy, gladness, brides, bridegrooms, and the sound of work will be taken away. It was, for Judah, captivity for 70 years to which they went (Jeremiah 25:1-11). *Application* Imagine preaching the same message for 23 years being continually and completely rejected like the prophet Jeremiah. He remained faithful to the LORD’s cause and Word with the message of repentance and turning back in faith to the LORD. Though it was shunned, he did not give up. In the same way God continues to stand by us in His faithfulness and love. Therefore, we should continue to fight the good fight of faith and persevere in the troubling times of rejection and forsaking (2 Timothy 4:7). Complete God’s call on your life and continue to bear witness for Him by His grace and mercy. God will remain true to you and your reward will be great in the final analysis.

-The prophecy continues to expand as Jeremiah gives a glimpse, by the Word of the LORD, into what will transpire after the 70 years of captivity. Babylon (described also as Sheshach in Jeremiah 25:26) would deliver decisive blows to many other named nations in addition to Judah in a violent, by the sword, manner fulfilling the wrath of God in a distressing time of punishment. In the end Babylon too would be judged, an event further described in Daniel 5 in 539 B.C. (Jeremiah 25:12, 26). This is time of destruction and horror from one end of the earth to the other with no lamentations or burials, which may have future implications in prophecy (Jeremiah 25:12-38, especially verse 33). *Application* When God’s mighty power is fully displayed, there are terrifying results as we see in this passage. He is sovereign and there is a severe price to pay for rejecting His way. Don’t ever overemphasize the love of God to the point that you neglect His justice, which is righteous and well-meaning to cleanse this earth from corruption. The purifier will purify. It’s better to receive His mercy on the front end by faith before punishment is His only recourse. Turn to God!


Verse to Memorize: Jeremiah 25:11

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