Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bible Study Notes in Jeremiah- Chapter 20

Jeremiah 20


-Pashhur, a priest in Jerusalem, after hearing Jeremiah’s broken jar prophecy, had the man of God beaten and put him in stocks at the upper Benjamin Gate for a day. After Jeremiah was released he called Pashhur by a new name, Magor-missabib (terror on every side) and prophesied further concerning the coming Babylonian invasion and destruction and captivity. He prophesied that Pashhur would die in captivity in Babylon along with all his friends to whom he had falsely prophesied (Jeremiah 20:1-6). *Application* Don’t ever listen to false prophets. Discern the actual word of God and test each revelation by the Word of God to escape deception.

-Jeremiah then pours out compliant in his distress before God due to the agony he was in as His prophet during a turbulent time period. He has become a laughingstock among the people and is mocked relentlessly. He is reproached and deriding all day long, but he knows in his heart that he must speak out what he knows to be true from the LORD’s own Spirit. His trusted friends even are watching for his fall and want revenge on him. But the LORD was with him like a “dread champion.” Jeremiah knows that his persecutors will stumble and not prevail in utter shame and failure with everlasting disgrace that will not be forgotten. The true prophet will exalt the LORD who tests the righteous and sees the mind as well as the heart. Jeremiah wants to see God’s vengeance on these mockers because he had set forth his cause to the right and proclaimed the truth even though they did not want to hear of it. He will sing to the LORD and praise Him who has delivered the soul of the needy one from the hand of evildoers (Jeremiah 20:7-13). *Application* The wise righteous are always vindicated by their deeds (Matthew 11:19, Luke 7:35). Stay strong in the LORD no matter what the false prophets say in a wicked and perverse generation.

-Almost inexplicably Jeremiah then turns negative again as his despair is written in the pages of Scripture. He curses the day he was born and the man who brought his father the news of his birth, which made his father happy. He wished he had been destroyed in the womb so that he did not have to go through the horrific life that he was now living. Trouble and sorrow and shame seemed to be indicative of his existence and he was deeply grieved at this point (Jeremiah 20:14-18). *Application* Here is an instance where honesty with God is depicted by a righteous individual. We can pour out to our Maker and realize He understands our heart completely. Take your frustrations honestly and openly before God. The healing you will receive afterwards is therapeutic. God will reveal His truth and forgive your negativity when times are difficult. Remember too that He will not put on you more than you can bear (1 Corinthians 10:13).


Verse to Memorize: Jeremiah 20:11

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