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Bible Study Notes in 2 Chronicles- Chapter 18

2 Chronicles 18


-Jehoshaphat makes alliances with the evil king of Israel, Ahab, even though the LORD had blessed him with riches and honor in establishing him as the authority in the Judean region. These alliances came with marriage ties between the families and a sense of camaraderie as Israel’s descendents (2 Chronicles 18:1-3). The king of Israel asked Jehoshaphat to ally in an invasion of Ramoth-gilead across the Jordan to the east, and Jehoshaphat eventually went along with the plan. The interchange in making that decision is what is interesting about this text.

-Jehoshaphat recognized the importance of inquiring of the LORD first before going into a major battle with the enemy. Ahab assembled four hundred false prophets who put on a fantastic and popular positive “show” for the two kings arrayed into their pomp and circumstance at the gate of Samaria at the threshing floor (2 Chronicles 18:4-11). Jehoshaphat had discernment from the Holy Spirit and inquired if there was a real prophet of the LORD from which they may get the truth (2 Chronicles 18:6). Ahab did not like the real prophet of God, Micaiah, son of Imla, because he never prophesied in favor of the king of Israel. Nonetheless, Jehoshaphat insisted on hearing from this prophet, and he was summoned. At first Micaiah tells them what they want to hear, but it is probably done very sarcastically, which makes the king seek the real truth. Micaiah will speak only what God says in the end and prophesies doom over the king of Israel. He describes a heavenly scene where the heavenly hosts are summoned by God to entice Ahab with a deceiving spirit through the false prophets (2 Chronicles 18:12-22). At the hearing of this Zedekiah the son of Chenaanah, who was the premier outspoken false prophet, came near and struck Micaiah on the cheek calling him a fake. Micaiah was whisked away to prison as a result of speaking the real Word of God where he was to be fed sparingly with bread and water until the king of Israel’s safe return. However, Micaiah stood his righteous ground and was undeterred by the punishments he received (2 Chronicles 18:23-27).

-Ahab had devised a strategy more than likely intended to get Jehoshaphat assassinated and he victorious in the battle. He would disguise himself in armor as a normal soldier; while the Arameans would chase after what they thought was the king of Israel. When Jehoshaphat cried out, the LORD helped him and God diverted the enemy from chasing him as they had planned. They realized they were tricked by Ahab and turned back to the battle to fight. This is where Ahab was randomly struck in the joint of the armor severely wounded. He died that evening at sunset as the day of battle raged (2 Chronicles 18:28-34).

-*Application* No matter what the circumstances might look like the real prophets of God will always prevail with the genuine truth of the matter. Is our theology based on a diluted prosperity through deception, or is it based solely on the truth of God’s Word? God has His ways of striking down the wicked and lifting up the righteous, so make sure you are in the camp of the blameless. Don’t be deceived, it is easier than you might think to fall into the lies of the enemy and capitulate. Stand your ground in the truth and don’t be swayed even if it costs you your reputation and temporary pleasure. Be the real deal no matter what comes your way! God will eventually fight for you!


Verse to Memorize: 2 Chronicles 18:13

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