Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bible Study Notes in 2 Chronicles- Chapter 9

2 Chronicles 9


-This chapter describes the famous visitation of the Queen of Sheba to Jerusalem to visit King Solomon and test him with difficult questions and relay all to him that was on her heart (2 Chronicles 9:1). She had an entourage, which brought spices, gold, and precious stones in large quantities. These gifts were given to the king for goodwill and thanksgiving as he answered all her questions and gave detailed explanation with keen wisdom as to the gift God had given him. When the queen saw all that the LORD had blessed Israel and King Solomon with, she declared the report she had heard was completely true and that the kingdom even surpassed her expectations two-fold. She blessed the LORD God of Heaven, and the two forged a strong friendship through trade (2 Chronicles 9:2-12).

-The rest of the chapter depicts Solomon’s opulence during the course of his reign with specific details. It defines the borders of his earthly kingdom and his influence over the kings of the earth to the wisdom of God put into his heart. This chapter concludes his time on earth with 40 years of reigning in Jerusalem over all of Israel. His death and burial in the city of his father David preceded the divided reign of Rehoboam, his son (2 Chronicles 9:13-31).

-*Application* When we are known to have a lot of anything it will garner attention from the outside world. Solomon’s wisdom and reputation was far reaching, and all he did and had were impressive. When we have Christ as our Savior, and He showers us with His giftings and abilities, others will take notice. Use the favor of God in your life to share His greatness. Expand His Kingdom by exalting the Ultimate King, King Jesus!


Verses to Memorize: 2 Chronicles 9:1-2, 5

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