Monday, November 4, 2013

Bible Study Notes for 2 Chronicles- Chapter 3

2 Chronicles 3


-Solomon begins work on the Temple of God on the second day of the second month of the fourth year of his reign in Jerusalem. The Temple is built ornately on the site of Mt. Moriah, where Abraham had the binding of his son Isaac (Genesis 22:2-18) and where the LORD appeared to David at the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite (2 Chronicles 3:1-2). The foundations are laid precisely and the materials were constructed with great care and diligence with fine craftsmanship and beautiful design. Gold was the theme of the place where God’s presence would dwell. The veil separating the holy of holies was fashioned in violet, purple, crimson, and fine linen with cherubim worked on it in decoration (2 Chronicles 3:14). There were two pillars erected at the front of the House. The pillars were named. The one on the right was named Jachin (he shall establish), and the one on the left was named Boaz (in it is strength, quickness) (1 Kings 7:21, 2 Chronicles 3:17).

-*Application* When God is in something it will be established, it will have incredible wonderworking strength, and it will occur quickly in a flashing moment in time. Learn how the LORD works when He decides it is time to accomplish His glory! While we do wait upon the LORD with patience (Psalms 27:14; 37, Isaiah 40:31), remember that when He acts, He does it with precession and swiftness that will amaze and astound. God will build great things in your life, the New Covenant Temple of God, if you will allow. And, He will do this with pillars named Jachin and Boaz.


Verse to Memorize: 1 Chronicles 3:1

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