Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Romans Bible Study Notes- Chapter 4

Romans 4


-Paul goes into the faithful walk of Abraham in his argument that it is faith that justifies a person by the work of Jesus Christ the Savior (Romans 4:13, 16, 20-22). He not only applies this message to the great patriarch, but to all those who have faith (Romans 4:16, 23-25). This is the hope of the promise of God and extends to us by His grace, not obedience to the Law on our part (again because this proves to be impossible with our sin nature). He also uses a quote from Psalms 32:1-2 to show the nature of God to forgive transgressions and cover the depravity of man by His mercy. This is the great theological passage that woke up Martin Luther, who triggered the reformation, when he realized what the gospel was really all about compared to the false teaching the Romans Catholic (Universal) Church had been propagating in the early 1500’s.

-This gift of salvation through faith is clearly opened up, not only to the circumcised Jews, but the uncircumcised Gentiles as well. One needs to remember that Abraham did not even yet have the Law of Moses when his righteousness was counted to him by his faith (even though he was given circumcision as a sign). Faith in the promise is what it is all about. God gives the Law to point out sin and transgression many years later. The Law restrains evil, but it can never impute righteousness. This is the main idea to what Paul through the Holy Spirit is communicating.

-Lastly today, notice the importance of the resurrection in the belief system leading to righteousness (Romans 4:24). Our faith that God raised His Son Jesus Christ from the dead is an essential ingredient in the salvific message (Romans 10:9-10). This is where the rubber meets the road so to speak.

-*Application* What do you actually believe when it comes to the Person Jesus Christ and the work that He did for you personally? This is the pivotal question that each and every individual must ask. This is the question that has eternal implications as we learn from reading, studying, and understanding the Holy Scriptures and God’s plan for our salvation. Believe and receive by faith!


Verse to Memorize- Romans 4:3

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