Monday, December 31, 2012

Romans Bible Study Notes- Chapter 11

Romans 11


-Paul makes it clear that the Lord has NOT rejected His people, the Israelites, forever. The key Scripture here for us is Romans 11:25, “a partial hardening has come over upon Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in.” There is still a remnant that will serve Him, as Paul was, but the majority, it is prophesied, will harden their hearts for the purpose of bringing in all the Gentiles who will accept the Jewish Messiah as King and Lord. This in no way nullifies the promises of God towards His people as they will come back to Him in the end and “all Israel will be saved (Romans 11:26).” This debunks the notion of replacement theology. God still has His chosen people in mind and will use them in His Kingdom purposes. He is simply bringing in as many as will receive Him from among the Gentiles during this church age in which we currently live. He has NOT forgotten His people or His promises. We as Gentiles can be “grafted in” to His family (the olive tree as it is illustrated in this chapter by Paul), but we should never become arrogant or prideful toward the “natural branches” realizing that they are our supporting root system (Romans 11:17-18). Belief is the key issue as we can clearly see in this passage. The believing faithful will inherit His blessings; the unbelievers will be cut off from His mercy and kindness (Romans 11:20). His gifts and call is irrevocable (ametamelatos- not to be regretted, not to be taken back) to His people (Romans 11:29). His covenant is secure and will endure to all generations. He has never and will never fail to fulfill His promises. Israel’s disobedience only gives God more glory because we as Gentiles can enter His rest in His mercy, riches, wisdom, and knowledge (Romans 11:32-33). His judgments are unsearchable (in other words, don’t try to figure them out) and His ways are inscrutable (mysterious, unfathomable) (Romans 11:33). He is the ultimate Counselor and He needs no repayment (Job 35:7, Isaiah 40:13, Romans 11:34-35). “For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things (Romans 11:36).” All glory belongs to our God! *Application* Jealousy and strife over this issue of salvation and who it is designed for should be relegated to deepest halls of hell. God wants to graft as many into His Kingdom, both Jew and Gentile, as He can. Repent from your sins and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and YOU will be saved (Mark 1:15).


Verses to Memorize- Romans 11:25, 29, 36

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