Saturday, May 19, 2012

Exodus Bible Study Notes Chapter 7


Exodus 7 

-Moses is made as God to Pharaoh with power from on high and Aaron is the prophet that will speak to Pharaoh and tell him all that the LORD says for the release of the sons of Israel from their Egyptian captivity.

-God hardened Pharaoh’s heart so that His signs and wonders would be multiplied in the land of Egypt. This was God’s will and it was redemptive in purpose. The LORD knew Pharaoh’s heart was evil and that repentance was not going to be a part of his life. Therefore, his heart toward the LORD was hardened and he fulfilled all that God had ordained for the purpose of making His Name great in the whole world. Egypt was the world power at this time, and the works of the LORD would become known everywhere through these signs and wonders.

-The plagues start with the staff being turned into a snake, which was able to consume the magicians of Pharaoh’s serpents. *Application* Satanic forces can often duplicate by illusion or tricky the miracles of God. They do have power, but it is never to the level of the LORD’s work. Don’t be fooled by the imitation. Seek the real deal of the LORD God Almighty.

-The second plague is also duplicated as the waters of the Nile are turned to blood killing the fish that were in it. Most of the country was affected now by this plague, but Pharaoh was still unmoved and unconcerned even for this (Exodus 7:23). The compulsion of the LORD had not yet begun to effect his decisions, but it soon would. *Application* Don’t be hard headed like Pharaoh when the LORD tries to show you something that you need to do to change and come in line with His ways. The sooner you turn to God the better off you will be, always!

Verse to Memorize: Exodus 7:1

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