Friday, May 4, 2012

Acts Bible Study Notes Chapter 23


Acts 23

-Paul defends himself before the Council of the Jews declaring his life lived under a good conscience before God. Ananias had him illegally struck on the mouth for this comment and Paul rebuked him strongly in the presence of all. However, when he found out that Ananias was the high priest, he retracted his comments and apologized in accordance to the Law (Exodus 22:28). *Application* Ananias’ inability to follow the very Law that he was supposed to be chief priest over left him unrecognizable to Paul. The same can happen to us if we are covert Christians who do not really represent Christ Jesus. Do people actually know who you are in this world O Christian?

-Paul then astutely divides the Council with his hope and resurrection of the dead beliefs. This led to a great dissension and the binding of Paul being taken into the custody of Roman barracks.

-This orchestrates the vow made on Paul by 40 Jews to kill him. Paul’s nephew learns of this mayhem and saves Paul’s life. Paul makes his way to Caesarea Maritima under custody of the Romans and is incarcerated in the official governor’s residence of Herod’s Praetorium waiting to appear before Felix, the governor.

-God appears to Paul in the middle of all this crisis in Jerusalem and gives him His word that he will solemnly witness the Lord’s cause in Rome. *Application* The voice of the Lord is sure. His promises never fail and we can count on every one of them. The Lord stands beside His chosen people. Paul does end up in Rome spreading the gospel of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Verse to Memorize: Acts 23:11

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