Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bible Study Notes in Numbers- Chapter 34

Numbers 34

-The LORD gave Moses some final commands for detailing the borders of the land of Canaan that would fall to His people as an inheritance for them in perpetuity. Here is a map of the land by best estimates during the time period:

You will notice that Numbers 34:1-12 gives a broader border than Ezekiel did in the book of Ezekiel chapters 47 and 48, but not by much. This has defined the nation of Israel’s Promised Land for millennia, but God has promised His servant Abraham even more property in the future (Genesis 15:18-21). It is amazing how God details to the minutest degree when He delivers this instruction. This is for their well-being, and He was generous in giving so much property for their national development. He even guides Moses to appoint the leaders in the tribes for their portion of the land. Eleazar the priest and Joshua the military commander and leader were assigned the task of apportioning the inheritance (Numbers 34:17). Caleb led the tribe of Judah, Samuel led the tribe of Simeon, Elidad led the tribe of Benjamin, Bukki led the tribe of Dan, Hanniel led the tribe of Manasseh, Kemuel led the tribe of Ephraim, Elizaphan led the tribe of Zebulun, Paltiel led the tribe of Issachar, Ahihud led the tribe of Asher, Padahel led the tribe of Naphtali. 2 ½ tribes, which included Reuben, Gad, and half of Manasseh had already worked out their portion of land on the east side of the Jordan (Numbers 32; 34:14-15). “These are those whom the LORD commanded to apportion the inheritance to the sons of Israel in the land of Canaan (Numbers 34:13-29).”

-*Application* God’s clear communication through His servant Moses was not difficult to understand. The follow through is what proved arduous for the children of Israel. We typically know what God’s desire and plan is for us, but it is in the process of getting there that we are tried and tested to see how resolute our resolve is to stay faithful and persevere. Know that God has a plan to prosper you today, and make every effort to remain in Him as He delivers on every good word He gives you (Jeremiah 29:11, Joshua 23:14, John 15:5).

Verse to Memorize: Numbers 34:2

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