Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bible Study Notes in Numbers- Chapter 23

Numbers 23

-As Balaam is with Balak now he asks the king to build seven altars and prepare seven bull and seven rams for a sacrifice three distinct times, which the king obediently does (Numbers 23:1-2, 14, 29-30). He would go and see if perhaps the LORD would meet with him for a word concerning Israel’s fate. Balaam promised to speak only what the LORD spoke, and he made sure beforehand the king of Moab knew that this was the case for better or worse (Numbers 23:3,12, 26). Three times the LORD put words in Balaam’s mouth at the high places of Baal (Numbers 22:41), at the field of Zophim on top of Pisgah (Numbers 23:14), and at the top of Peor which overlooks the wasteland (Numbers 23:28). All the words were for blessing upon the children of Israel; there were no curses which Balaam could speak since he was prophesying directly from Yahweh, the living, truthful, delivering, and unchanging God (Numbers 23:7-10, 18-24; 24:3-9). The LORD made it very clear that He was with His people Israel.

-*Application* Our God is a God that we can count on. He makes a way even through the desert times in our lives when we don’t know exactly what He is doing. Is our testimony strong in times like these? People are always watching to see our reaction, just like the king of Moab and Balaam. As they observe us, God’s elect, the believing generation of Gentiles, His church, do they see a blessed-loving people or a complaining-bickering bunch? Let’s make them see Jesus in us and know that God is fighting for His faithful ones!

Verse to Memorize: Numbers 23:19

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