Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bible Study Notes in Ezekiel- Chapter 27

Ezekiel 27


-The lament over Tyre, the merchant of the peoples to many coastlands who dwells at the entrance to the sea, is resumed in this continued prophetic word by Ezekiel from the LORD. Her perfect beauty became her downfall because of pride (Ezekiel 27:3; 28:2). Many nations, along with their items, are listed, including Judah, who have done exceeding trade and mercantile with this savvy and skilled enterprising culture bringing profit, glory, and advancement in the region (Ezekiel 27:4-25). This would all change when Nebuchadnezzar’s army would come to dismantle. “The east wind has broken you,” and they “will fall into heart of the seas.” “The pasture lands will shake” and the sailors and all the pilots of the sea “will come down from their ships.” A bitter cry will go forth from Trye’s previous partners with men casting dust on their heads and wallowing in ashes. They will make themselves bald with grief and gird themselves with sackcloth with anguish and soulful mourning. They will take up a lamentation over Tyre, who will be silent in the seas, broken and fallen. “All the inhabitants of the coastlands are appalled at you (Tyre), and their kings are horribly afraid; they are troubled in countenance. The merchants among the peoples his at you; you have become terrified and you will cease to be forever (Ezekiel 27:26-36).”

-*Application* A nation that exalts itself without giving credit to the Sovereign LORD will soon enough perish. This is a similar fate expressed for Babylon in the book of Revelation (Revelation 18). The earth’s desire is for material success and prosperity to indulge the flesh. The Kingdom of God operates on a different standard than that.


Verse to Memorize: Ezekiel 27:34

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