Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bible Study Notes in Ezekiel- Chapter 23

Ezekiel 23


-Two women, who are metaphorical, and daughters of the same woman (Israel), have played the harlot in Egypt with foreign gods abasing the ways of the one-true LORD God (Ezekiel 23:1-3). With explicit language God downloads a graphic representation of how awful these whores have treated Him, their Jealous and Eternal Lover. Their names are Oholah, who represents Samaria and the Northern Kingdom of Israel, and Oholibah, who represents Jerusalem and the Southern Kingdom of Judah. Oholah played the harlot with not only Egypt, but was enthralled with the Assyrians, who eventually conquered her and defamed her forever. Oholibah played the whore with not only Egypt, but also with Assyria and Babylon as she multiplied her sins far beyond that of her embarrassed and judged sister. Oholibah did not learn from observation, but exceeded the sin in her midst with profane things and corrupt practices. From sexual immorality, to pagan worship rituals, to prostituting herself, to flagrant opulence she became an adulteress deserving of God’s full and sincere discipline (Ezekiel 23:4-21).

-His wrath would be poured out from those she had previously loved, Assyria and Babylon, with precession and ruthlessness in evil conquest. Her (Judah’s) lewdness will be exposed, and she will be stripped of all her beauty, which she had possessed. She will be given into the hand of those whom she hates, the ones that alienated her with reckless abandon and vile scorn. Her property will be taken, and she will be left naked and bare before the nations of the world. Her harlotries are the reason; she has defiled herself with idols to the point of hypocrisy (sacrificing their own children in paganistic ritual and then going unconcerned to the House of God, Ezekiel 23:39). Derision, drunkenness, sorrow, horror, plunder, terror, stonings, slayings, desolation, and burnings are the descriptive terms God uses to portray the aftermath of this forgetting of the LORD and His ways in His land. Judah will bear the punishment and penalty of the Almighty, and she will have blood on her hands. God will vindicate His just cause and make lewdness and unfaithfulness cease from the land, which will reveal His glory make all KNOW that He alone is the LORD God (Ezekiel 23:22-49).

-*Application* God’s cause will not fail. We reap exactly what we sow (Galatians 6:7-9). Therefore, sow in the Holy Spirit.


Verses to Memorize: Ezekiel 23:30, 35

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