Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bible Study Notes in Ezekiel- Chapter 16

Ezekiel 16


-Chapter 16 is a long expose on the conditions which caused God’s fury on Jerusalem set in the context of His covenant oath and promise to them as His bride, rescued from nothingness, brought to brilliance, and then fallen to apostasy. The LORD’s purpose is stated in the beginning of this section, “Son of man, make known to Jerusalem her abominations (Ezekiel 16:2).” God had taken this city from the origins of the Canaanite, the Amorite, and the Hittite, from obscurity and disdain to make her His people with life and abundance. God bathed her and washed her anointing her with oil for purification. He clothed and covered her with His blessings and commitment out of love and affection. He adorned her with ornaments, with gold and silver. He fed her with extravagant foods and made her exceedingly beautiful. He advanced her to royalty and her fame went forth among all the nations and kingdoms of the earth, “for it was perfect because of My splendor which I bestowed on you,” God declared (Ezekiel 16:3-14).

-But Jerusalem trusted in her own beauty and forgot the ways of her Redeemer. She played the harlot and began to practice paganistic abominations to the extent that she surpassed what had happened historically in Samaria (which was judged by God in the Assyrian conquest) and Sodom (which was judged by God in total destruction, Genesis 18:16-19:29). God was disgusted with her vile lewdness and nakedness in idolatry and promised now to execute His fury because of her unfaithfulness. “You have borne the penalty of your lewdness and abominations,” the LORD declared in righteous judgment, and “I will also do with you as you have done, you who have despised the oath by breaking the covenant (Ezekiel 16:15-59).”

-Nevertheless, God will remember His side of the covenant displaying His attribute of complete and abiding faithfulness. His guarantee was everlasting. He will keep the established covenant with His people, and they “shall know” that He indeed is the LORD who saves them in complete forgiveness by the end. So, there is a purpose in their humiliation, shame, and degradation (Ezekiel 16:60-63).

-*Application* We tend to forget the faithful mercies and goodness of our great God and Savior. We tend to go our own way and neglect the spiritual things of God that will keep us on the right path. His consequences are sometimes the ONLY thing that will straighten us out and bring us back to where we need to be in obedient dependence on Him. It is at our point of brokenness that we find forgiveness and restoration from a perfect Redeemer.


Verse to Memorize: Ezekiel 16:62-63

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