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Bible Study Notes in 2 Chronicles- Chapter 35

2 Chronicles 35


-The Passover is celebrated to a level that not been seen since the days of the judges and Samuel the prophet in Josiah’s 18th year of his reign after he had purged the idols from the Temple and land (2 Chronicles 35:18). What an amazing Scriptural fact here that what Josiah accomplished in this observance exceeded everything done in the Kingdom’s prime under David and Solomon! This was a celebration of grandiose proportions under a king totally sold out to the commands of the LORD and His prophets (2 Chronicles 35:4, 6, 12). He was an encouragement to the genuine article of worship (2 Chronicles 35:2). There was incredible generosity in this gala event too. Josiah and his officials contributed to each other and the lay people all that was needed to provide for the extravagant ordeal (2 Chronicles 35:7-9). By divisions the service was performed and the worship was unsurpassed!

-*Application* Passover had to do with deliverance from death and slavery. We should celebrate our great salvation in Christ just like Josiah did with Israel. We should always be generous and giving. We must purge all our idols. We must celebrate Him extravagantly and give Him preeminence. We have to encourage one another in the LORD (1 Thessalonians 5:11, Hebrews 3:13).

-“After all this, when the Temple was in order, Neco king of Egypt came up to make war at Carchemish on the Euphrates, and Josiah went out to engage him” at Megiddo. This war was in alliance with the Assyrians against the up and coming power of Babylon. Josiah did not recognize the Word of the LORD that was coming from Neco in warning not to interfere with them (2 Chronicles 35:20-22). He was struck in the battle by archers at Megiddo and was carried by his servants back to Jerusalem where he died from his wound. He was buried in the tombs of his fathers with honor and all Judah and Jerusalem mourned this king’s death. The prophet Jeremiah lamented for the righteous man who had passed away and there were ongoing lamentations in his honor up to the time of the writing of this book. Even an ordinance was made to put his lamentations into the national Lamentations (this is not the same as the material written in the biblical book of Lamentations). Josiah was an amazing individual and ruled his country well under the Headship of the LORD in deeds of devotion (2 Chronicles 35:23-27).

-*Application* Not heeding the Word of the LORD can end up costing us our life. Warnings are real, and we need discernment to know when it is really from God as in the case of Neco. Beware the red flags that God gives you in every circumstance of life. There are some battles that He doesn’t will for you to fight.


Verse to Memorize: 2 Chronicles 35:18

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