Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bible Study Notes for 2 Chronicles- Chapter 23

2 Chronicles 23


-This chapter describes the ousting and death of the wicked Athaliah from her dominion as queen in Judah. This is how Joash, the son of Ahaziah, who was raised secretly in the house of God, came to power as a successor of the line of David. Jehoiada came to the point of being bold and took decisive action. He covenanted with the Levities and key captains of the people for spiritual upheaval and dramatic change in the cultural climate by the Name of the One-True God. They anointed the king with great protection, willing to die for the cause and wielding weapons for any resistance. Athaliah was murdered, but she was not innocent blood, and the thing was accepted by the LORD as good because she had led the people astray with her idolatry and cunning. Though she cried treason, she was the guilty party, and justice was served upon her at the Horse Gate of the king’s house where she was put to death. This was done courageously and heroically by the priest Jehoiada to reform the nation of Judah back to being fully committed as the LORD’s people (2 Chronicles 23:16). The house of Baal was torn asunder, and Mattan their idolatrous priest was killed before the pagan alters. This action caused intense rejoicing in the land as they returned to the truth of their faith in God and the quietness of peace was again in the city with the rightful king Joash being in control.

-*Application* Sometimes we must take courageous and decisive action in the face of things that go against the LORD. We live in a time in our cultural where we have capitulated to the enemy of biblical truth. Instead of cowering, we must be very strong and courageous for the right in the Name of Jesus. Of course His law is love and we must keep that in mind. But friend, never back down from the fight for righteousness. Use great enthusiasm and vigor for the cause of Christ. Know the climate and be a thermostat, not a thermometer.
Verse to Memorize: 2 Chronicles 23:21

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