Sunday, September 1, 2013

Exodus Bible Study Notes- Chapter 22

Exodus 22


-The law section continues with property rights and various and sundry laws for societal well being.

-Restitution is a main theme for property rights and thieves are given their pay back demands if and when they are caught. One interesting concept is the fact that there is to be no bloodguiltiness for murder when one is breaking into your house. *Application* I live in Texas, and we take full use of this biblical concept for the protection of property here in this conservative state. God gives us the right to defend our property from the thief, but it does not rid us of the horror of having to be violent in a situation in which someone is trying to violate us and our family. We pray these types of things never happen. Consistently pray Psalms 91 over your house and household.

-In the sundry law section we are faced with a diversity of situations and God’s view on them. A dowry is mandated, while sorcery (witchcraft, pharmakos in Greek from which we get pharmacy, kashaph in Hebrew), bestiality, and sacrificing to another god are all outlawed by punishment of death. Strangers are to be treated with kindness and no affliction, nor are widows and orphans. This will cause the anger of God to be on them and He will hear their cry. Money is not to be loaned to His people at interest. *Application* God did not want them to be creditors, greedy and money grubbing with selfish ambition. How do we do in this area?

-A curse on God or rulers of the people is outlawed. The offering of the firstborn of sons and animals is to be performed on the eighth day. It is interesting that Jesus’ parents offered Him up to the LORD in this manner (Luke 2:21-24). Jesus was a law abiding Jew in every point. Where He came into contention with the Jewish rulers where in their man made interpretations of God’s perfect laws. *Application* This raises the question of whether or not we as new covenant believers should follow all of God’s rules prescribed here in these law sections. My opinion here is that it would be good and right to obey them, but it is certainly not a requirement any more. The Jerusalem council, which you can read about in Acts chapter 15 gives what the early church required of Gentile converts to Christ Jesus. This has been the standard for the church in this age in which we live.

-The last law denoted in this chapter has to do with eating dead animals found out in the field. They were not to eat the flesh torn to pieces. This was to be left for the dogs. *Application* Sorry guys, it is not proper to eat road killJ. Nature will take care of them.


Verses to Memorize: Exodus 22:22, 28

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