Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bible Study Notes in 1 Chronicles- Chapter 2

1 Chronicles 2


-Interesting facts about the genealogy of Israel are described in this informational chapter of Scripture. His sons are again listed and their story is detailed more in the book of Genesis (Genesis 29:32-50:26) with some individual profiles. Judah is singled out as the ancestor of David. His firstborn, Er, was described as wicked in the sight of the LORD, which meant that the LORD put him to death (1 Chronicles 2:3). This is all we know of this man thousands of years later. Through Tamar, Judah’s daughter-in-law (Genesis ), Perez was born. Hezron was Perez’s son from which Boaz eventually came (profiled in the book of Ruth). Another interesting figure in this line of Judah was Nahshon, who is described as the leader of the sons of Judah (Numbers 1:4-7). Boaz is the grandfather of Jesse, who was chosen of God to produce the next king of Israel following the demise of Saul (1 Samuel 13:13-14). This was the seventh son of Jesse, David, who was anointed by the prophet Samuel (1 Samuel 16:13). The rest of the chapter outlines a myriad of family lines and peoples.

-*Application* We can see from this historical perspective the legacy and overarching traits of certain people. What do you want to be known for now and several thousand years from now? The answer to this question should affect how we live. Don’t live your life like Er, where the LORD destroys you because of your wickedness in His sight. Rather, seek to be like Nahson, a leader and standout during the time of Moses and the Exodus. Or, be like Boaz, who was a righteous man who had pity on the stranger and the poor and through this came the great king of Israel and man after God’s own heart, David (1 Samuel 13:14). Lets learn from these historical examples.


Verse to Memorize: 1 Chronicles 2:1

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