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2 Kings Bible Study Notes- Chapter 9

2 Kings 9


-Chapter 9 begins the story of the reign of Jehu, who was an army commander in the northern kingdom of Israel under Jehoram. He was anointed by one of the sons of the prophets that Elisha sent to be the next king of Israel to replace the family of Ahab according to the Word of the LORD and destroy the rule of the wicked Jezebel. He is anointed king in Ramoth-gilead, east of the Jordan, and comes to Jezreel where Jehoram (Joram) the king had gone to heal from some wounds suffered in fighting with the Arameans and King Hazael at Ramoth-gilead. Ahaziah, the king of Judah, had come down from Jerusalem to see Joram at this time and was providentially there for the violent action that occurred. Jehu comes driving into the area denying peace to all who asked what his intentions were. When Joram sees Jehu, he asks, “Is it peace Jehu?” Jehu answered, “What peace, so long as the harlotries of your mother Jezebel and her witchcrafts are so many (2 Kings 9:22)?” Joram turned to flee as he realized the situation of treachery against his kingdom, and Jehu shot an arrow through the chest of Joram making him to sink in his chariot. Jehu ordered his officer, Bidkar, to take him to the property of the field of Naboth the Jezreelite according to the oracle of the LORD, which he had heard given in the days of Ahab by Elijah (1 Kings 21). Ahaziah is also assassinated as he tried to flee in Gur, which is at Ibleam. Ahaziah fled to Megiddo injured and died there. From there he was carried back to Jerusalem and buried in his grave with his fathers of the house of David.

-As Jehu returned to Jezreel, Jezebel adorned her head and painted her eyes as her time to die approached. She uses the name of Zimri, who had been an earlier usurper of power in the kingdom of Israel against his master, to attempt to degrade and possibly weasel out of her fate (1 Kings 16:9-20). Jehu looked up as he entered the gate of the city and asked two or three officials whose side they were on by commanding them to throw down the evil-pagan queen. They obeyed him by throwing her down and her blood was spilt of the wall and on the horses. She was then trampled, and was not even able to have a recognizable burial as the dogs ate her flesh according to the Word of the LORD predicted by Elijah (1 Kings 21:23). Thus, the brutal and prophetic rise to power of Jehu, king of Israel is completed (2 Kings 9:1-37).

-*Application* Those who live by the sword will die by the sword (Matthew 26:52).


Verse to Memorize: 2 Kings 9:22

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