Thursday, July 25, 2013

2 Kings Bible Study Notes- Chapter 19

2 Kings 19


-The story of God’s saving of the remnant of Judah and King Hezekiah is related in vivid detail in this powerful text of Scripture with the theme of deliverance. Hezekiah first humbled himself before the LORD and sought out a word from the LORD from Isaiah the prophet (2 Kings 19:1-5). He was never arrogant or forceful with his speech in coming under the authority of the God of the Universe, and because of this he was told to have no fear (2 Kings 19:6). The blaspheming of the Assyrians had come before the God who knows all, and He was about to act on behalf of His people. He put a spirit in the enemy so that he would hear a rumor and return to his own land where he would fall by the sword (2 Kings 19:7, 36-37). After more boasting and bragging, the Assyrians were poised to go into Jerusalem to conquer, but Hezekiah went before the LORD with sincere and honest prayer of petition and supplication for deliverance so that the earth would know that God alone saves (2 Kings 19:8-19)!

-God answered through the prophet Isaiah in a stirring poetic stanza for comfort, peace, and victory (2 Kings 19:20-28, 32-34). God gave a sign and promised that the surviving remnant in Judah would again take root downward and bear fruit upward (2 Kings 19:29-31). “Then it happened that night that the angel of the LORD went out (much like the death angel in Egypt during the time of Moses, Exodus 12:1-30) and struck 185,000 in the camp of the Assyrians; and when men rose early in the morning, behold, all of them were dead (2 Kings 19:35).”

-*Application* God puts to shame those who arrogantly come against Him and His people, power, and purposes. He lifts up those who call upon His Name for deliverance and blessings in a humble and contrite manner (Psalm 138:6, Proverbs 3:34, Matthew 23:12, James 4:6, 1 Peter 5:5). Resist the temptation to fear man over God. He is the only One who can ultimately save you in the end. This is what belief, faith, and trust is all about!


Verses to Memorize: 2 Kings 19:4, 19

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