Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Harmony of the Gospels

98. Seventy disciples sent on ahead- Luke 10:1-24


-Jesus sends out His 70 men, which He considered few (Luke 10:2), with the Word of God and various instructions on how they are to handle their gospel business and power in the proclamation of the Kingdom of God (Luke 10:4-11). He prepared them fully and then rebuked three cities for their unbelief: Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum (Luke 10:13-15). He gave ultimate power and authority to His workmen in sending them out with the message and when they came back they were rejoicing about this (Luke 10:17). Jesus’ comment in verse 18 has left scholars puzzling over the interpretation. Was Jesus talking about: A) His fore coming victory on the cross, B) His view of Satan when he was cast out of Heaven at the fall (Isaiah 14:12-17), or C) a warning to the thrilled disciples who may have had a new found and potentially destructive pride that could be associated with the power they had received, which led to Satan’s downfall in the past and could happen to them as well? The context gives some support in my mind to choice C) here, but the other two have much validity as well. God remarks how He has hidden the mystery of the Kingdom from the wise and intelligent and revealed it to infants, those with whom He was well pleased according to His will (Luke 10:21-22). He tells His disciples how privileged they are to see these things as an encouragement and a building of their faith (Luke 10:23-24). *Application* No matter how few join you, keep fervent in your work in the Name of the Lord Jesus. His call is paramount to your life and will give all the blessings and power of Heaven in this day and time. Our cities are places of ministry and you will experience different reactions as you are sent out as lambs in the midst of wolves (Luke 10:3). We carry the message of peace with God, but some will reject us. Shake the dust off of your feet and move on to the next assignment when this happens. You have done the Lord’s work and now they are responsible for the Word from Him you gave in obedience to His command. Rejoice, for as you humbly follow His will you will see His power and glory revealed in your ministry along with the suffering and rejection it often brings.


Verses to Memorize- Luke 10:2, 17


99. The Good Samaritan- Luke 10:25-37


-This well known story in response to a pertinent question asked by a lawyer who wished to inherit eternal life gives us the true value of loving our neighbor as much as we love our self. This loves springs first from the ultimate and unadulterated love of the Father and gives us compassion and mercy on even our enemies. *Application* Go and do good wherever you are and with whomever the Lord calls you to minister. Be selfless in your kindness and give up your time to help others who may be in need. In other words, don’t become too busy to do the works of the Lord during your day.


Verse to Memorize- Luke 10:37


100. Jesus visits Martha and Mary- Luke 10:38-42


-Keeping with the theme of protecting against becoming too busy. Luke recounts the scene when Jesus came into the home of Martha and Mary, whose family became close companions with the Lord. Martha was too busy to sit at the feet of Jesus because of her preparations and committed the sin of complaining (Philippians 2:14). She forgot about the necessary first thing of paying attention to the Lord. *Application* Chose the “good part, which shall not be taken away” in your life (Luke 10:42). This is your devotion to the Lord and His Word. Rest and have peace in these things first. Don’t become too busy with the minutia of life that you miss the most important elements of His goodness, grace, and teaching. Don’t be a Martha, be a Mary! Worry and bother does not behoove anyone (Luke 10:41).


Verses to Memorize- Luke 10:41-42

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