Sunday, September 9, 2012

Harmony of the Gospels

44. Commissioning the twelve disciples- Matt. 10:2-4, Mark 3:13-19, Luke 6:12-16


-Jesus chooses and commissions His twelve disciples and apostles after praying all night long (Luke 6:12). *Application* Any major decision in life should be accompanied by intense prayer and supplication before the Almighty God. It is He that we should turn to for insight, wisdom, and understand concerning which path to take or choice to make (Proverbs 3:5-6). Seek and you will find, ask and it shall be given, knock and the door will be open unto you (Matthew 7:7).


Verses to Memorize- Matthew 10:2-4


45. Sermon on the Mount- Matt. 5:1-48; 6:1-34; 7:1-29, Luke 6:17-49


-Jesus lays out His most intense and profound message in His earthly ministry in these passages. It is certainly possible that these are two separate teachings at different times revolving around the same themes and discourse. He challenges His listeners to think in new and deeper ways through His message. His intentions were based on the heart and the motivations of man rather than external compliance or possible hypocrisy. He instructed with all the wisdom, insight, and understanding of God as He came to be with us and help us know how to truly live. He accomplished and fulfilled everything in the Law and revealed its accurate intentions (Matthew 5:17-18). He taught of a surpassing righteousness in Him that far exceeded the scribes and the Pharisees for the purpose of Kingdom entrance (Matthew 5:20). His instruction is wide ranging including every thought and intention of mankind. He gives a complete analysis of how we should conduct our business here on earth as it is Heaven (Matthew 6:10). He focused on forgiveness and restoration (Matthew 6:14-15). He alerted us to where the true treasure can be preserved and kept (Matthew 6:19-24). He taught on faith and not worrying about how the Lord will take care of you (Matthew 6:25-34). He made us think of self responsibility and our need to search out our Heavenly Father for every answer (Matthew 7:1-8). He gives us the “golden rule” of treating others in the same way we would like to be treated. He spoke of the narrow way through Him and to beware of the false prophets and deceivers of this world (Matthew 7:13-15). He made sure we could have discernment for protection and recognition of the evil around us (Matthew 7:15-20). He taught with authority and amazed the crowds as He finished up with knowing the Father for entrance into His Kingdom by doing His will, which is receiving His Son by faith and living in that grace wholeheartedly (Matthew 7:21-29). *Application* We will do well to meditate deeply on these many truths presented here by the words of Christ Jesus. It is in the application of these teachings that we find our lives being transformed and abounding joy will be the result.


Verses to Memorize- Matthew 5:16; 6:9-13, 33; 7:7-8, 12, Luke 6:46

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