Monday, September 17, 2012

Harmony of the Gospels

66. Jesus teaching in parables- Matt. 13:34-35, Mark 4:33-34


-Jesus taught in the prophesied manner of parables “things hidden from the foundation of the world (Psalm 78:2, Matthew 13:35).” Jesus was all about taking things that were known and using them to explain the other world of God’s Kingdom through this method. A parable is simply an earthly story with a Heavenly meaning in the context of Jesus’ teaching. He was opening up mysteries and hidden knowledge to those He spoke to and conversed with. The disciples, thankfully, recorded them for our benefit as well. *Application* These timeless truths reach our generation just as impactful as in the time of Jesus if we care to do some cultural and historical research to grasp the entire meaning of each one. Seek the Lord’s wisdom out and understand His messages to you, His beloved.


Verse to Memorize- Matt. 13:34


67. The hidden treasure- Matt. 13:44


-Jesus, in this parable, relates the Kingdom of Heaven to a hidden treasure in a field, which a man found and hid again. Because of his joy over finding it he goes and sells all that he has and buys (purchases, takes hold of) that entire field. This parable relates the value of knowing Christ and His righteousness and the unsurpassing riches that He entails. The man found it almost without even looking by accident, but is very protective of it, rehiding it once he did find it. He finds it a joy to give up all his possessions to obtain that field that houses the treasure (Mark 10:21, Luke 5:11, 27-28; 18:22, Acts 4:34). *Application* What is the cost of discipleship and what are you willing to give up for Christ and His Kingdom? Assured whatever you dispose of for His sake will be rewarded back unto to you. This is a promise of God (Matthew 6:33, Mark 10:28-30). The issue for us is if we will trust Him. So then we can say that faith is the field and the reward, the treasure, lies hidden in that field of trust and dependence on the Lord. What joy we have when we realize His riches and hope that were once hidden from us. Open up His possibilities by surrendering all you have. Living in His resurrected power is the greatest gain!


Verse to Memorize- Matthew 13:44


68. The pearl- Matt. 13:45-46


-In this parable, Jesus relates the Kingdom of Heaven to a merchant who is seeking fine pearls. This pearl (the truth of the Kingdom in Christ Jesus) of great value is worth everything he owns and is. He gladly gives it all up for this precious commodity knowing its great worth in comparison. He makes the purchase without regret and takes ownership (connectedness) of a new thing. *Application* This relationship we can have with Jesus Christ (the Messiah, the Son of God, the Savior of our soul) is worth more than anything we own or could give up. In reality this is a free gift of faith and is available to all (John 3:16, Romans 3:24; 6:23, Ephesians 2:8-9, 2 Peter 3:9). Our hope is in the Pearl of Great Price (Jesus crucified from the foundation of the world for our redemption, Hebrews 4:3, Matthew 25:34)


Verse to Memorize- Matthew 13:46

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