Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bible Study Notes in Proverbs- Chapter 7

Proverbs 7

-Solomon continues his instruction with his son challenging him to keep his words, treasure his commandments within, make them the apple of his eye (a really desired thing), bind them on his fingers (reminder, much like a wedding ring), write them on the tablet of his heart, and call wisdom his sister and intimate friend for the purpose of keeping away from the adulteress and foreigner who flatters with her words (Proverbs 7:1-5).

-The king describes a scene as he looks from the window of his house through his lattice (which was a beautiful estate in the Holy City of Jerusalem). He sees, among the naïve (those who lack sense and maturity) and young, one who passes through the street near the corner of the harlot’s house. He takes the way to her house. He goes intentional into the presence of trouble. This occurs in the twilight, in the evening, in the middle of the night, and in the darkness. Note the imagery here as it relates to the light of Christ and darkness of the evil one. Behold, Solomon describes a woman coming to this young-naïve man who lacks sense and meeting him dressed as a harlot and having “cunning of heart.” The wise man further defines her as boisterous and rebellious, roaming from home, and lurking in every dangerous place in the community. She seizes the lad and kisses him and with brazen face she seduces him. She entices him with pretty, but deceptive, speech as if nothing could wrong. She tells him she has made her peace offerings and paid her vows. Therefore, she has come out to meet this boy and seek his presence earnestly. Now, she has found her prey, and she has made preparations at her place with luxurious anointings and ornate decorum. She wants them to drink their fill of erotic love until the morning with caresses and sexual intoxication. Her husband is gone on a long journey taking lots of money with him. So, he will not be home until sometime later, “at the full moon.” With her many passions and persuasions, she lures him in. With her flattering speech and luscious lips, she seduces him. Suddenly and immediately, he follows her. Solomon compares process to an ox going to his slaughter, or “as one in fetters to the discipline of a fool.” His destruction is eminent, though he goes blindly into the situation not knowing that this will cost him his life (Proverbs 7:6-23).

-Because of these potential mishaps, Solomon beseeches his son to listen to him and pay close attention to the words of his mouth. He exhorts not to let the heart turn aside to her devious and entrapping ways. He tells his son not to stray into her paths. He says, “Many are the victims she has cast down, and numerous are all her slain.” We would call her a “hoochie,” or “slut,” or some other derogatory term in our time. In other words, she is well known for her sexual persuasion and misconduct. “Her house is the way to Sheol, descending to the chambers of death (separation from God spiritually speaking, Proverbs 7:24-27).”

-*Application* This is sage advice for all of us, especially the young and inexperienced in life with all our culture’s temptations and set ups. Things we must be leery of and vigilant against are: 1) People with perverted minds, speech, and action, 2) Establishments that are seedy or thought provoking into the areas of lust, 3) The internet sites and social media that try to charm and allure. These are just a few, and there are many others we must avoid if we are to keep our thought life in proper fellowship with the LORD, our spouse (if we have one), the body of Christ (our Christian brothers and sisters), and the general public. Sexual addiction is real, and has been known to take down some great and famous people. Tiger Woods is just one example. Get help, stay accountable, and be filled with the Holy Spirit to avoid these minefields and traps of the enemy (Matthew 5:27-30, 1 John 2:16).

Verse to Memorize: Proverbs 7:4-5

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