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Bible Study Notes in Job- Chapter 27

Job 27

-Job continued his discourse with some righteous retribution aimed at his accusers. It may come across initially that he is upset with God, but this is not the case as we read further. He sees that the LORD has taken away his right and embittered his tormented soul. But, as long as he has life and breath, his lips will certainly not speak unjustly, nor will his tongue “mutter deceit.” It would be far from him to declare his friends right in their indictments. Till he dies he will not put away his integrity. This proves his dedication to the Almighty, even in supreme adversity. He sums up this section thus, “I hold fast my righteousness and will not let it go. My heart does not reproach any of my days (Job 27:1-6).” This may seem a little bit conceited, but God venerates His servant in the end (Job 42:7-10). Job knew in his heart that he had done nothing wrong in this situation. He was at least at peace with himself. He had a clear conscience. Nevertheless, he was learning the way of suffering that the Sovereign, at one point or another, takes His people through.

-Job now chastises his enemies and opponents. He prays an imprecatory prayer upon them that the LORD consider them as wicked and unjust. “For what is the hope of the godless when he is cut off, when God requires his life?” Job then asks, “Will God hear his (the godless man’s) cry when distress comes upon him?” Then he ponders, “Will he take delight in the Almighty? Will he call on God at all times?” The rhetorical questions are answered in an assumed-emphatic, NO!!! Therefore, Job says that he will instruct in the power of God, and he will not conceal it. He further chastises his friends saying that they have seen it and questions why they act so foolishly in their counsel (Job 27:7-12).

-In the last eleven verses Job discusses the portion of the wicked man given by God, “the inheritance which tyrants receive from the Almighty.” Job claims that even though the wicked man’s sons be many, they are destined for the violence of the sword. His descendants will not be satisfied with the provision given them. His survivors will be buried due to plague, and their widows will not even be able to weep. Though the wicked man piles up silver like the dust and prepares garments as plentiful as the clay, the just will wear those clothes, and the innocent will divide his silver among themselves. The wicked man’s house is like a frail spider web or a shanty hut made by watchmen. He lies down rich, but it vanishes as he opens his eyes. Terrors begin to overtake him like a flood. A tempest swirls and steals him away in the night. “The east wind carries him away, and he is gone.” He is whirled away from his place of security. It will hurl him without sparing though he try to flee from its power. In the end, men will clap their hands in mockery at the wicked man “and will hiss him from his place (Job 27:13-23).”

-*Application* This is a powerful rhema word for those of us today who are persecuted without cause and undermined by a satanic enemy. If we have justified our case with the LORD through the blood of Christ, we are clear and free of the enemy’s accusations, threats, and lies. We don’t have to let our tongue mutter deceit in retaliation. We don’t have to defend ourselves. We certainly don’t ever need to let our integrity escape from us. So, keep instructing in the power of God and don’t ever conceal it. Our righteousness will eventually shine like the noonday (Psalm 37:5-6). Never let righteous go, and our heart will be above reproach as we self-examine before the LORD (2 Corinthians 13:5).

Verse to Memorize: Job 27:6

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