Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bible Study Notes in Job- Chapter 10

Job 10

-Despair begins to rule Job’s life as he continues his complaint before God not understanding why all this bad stuff had occurred in his life. He loathed his life and he was now going to give a full venting speaking out on the bitterness of his soul. He wanted to say to God, “Do not condemn me.” He felt guilt placed on him with no reason for it. He wanted to know why God was contending with him. He felt the oppression and rejection intensely. He even assumed the LORD was looking favorably on the schemes of the wicked. He was almost certain God had made some mistakes having human qualities of flesh to see only as man sees. Was God mortal? He concluded that no, God didn’t have to search for guilt or sin. According to His knowledge, he was not guilty; however, he was not getting any deliverance from the Hand of the LORD (Job 10:1-7). He was having a hard time dealing with this in his despondent spirit.

-He then reminded his God that it was His Hands that fashioned him and put him all together with skin, flesh (or body), bones, and sinews. How could He destroy such a one Job wondered? He asked God to remember that he was but clay, and pondered that God would turn him back into dust again. He felt poured out like milk and curdled like cheese. He knew the God of life, lovingkindness, care, and preservation of the spirit, yet he truly believed at this point the LORD was concealing these things in His Heart. In other words, he knew that it was within God to bless, but he was feeling excluded. He postulated that if he sinned, God would surely take note of it and would not acquit. He stated that if he were wicked, woe unto him. But, even in his righteousness he dare not lift up his head. He was sated with disgrace and completely conscious of his misery. Should he lift his head up in pride, God would simply hunt him down like a lion and demonstrate His supreme power. He reiterated that God had renewed His witness against him and increased His anger towards him. He vented yet again, “Hardship after hardship is with me (Job 10:8-17).”

-Job even questioned God on why He brought him out of the womb. He wished that he had died before any eye could have seen him. He uses the term “womb to tomb” to relate is abhorrence. He felt his life was totally useless at this juncture. Hope had so diminished in his spirit. He just wanted the LORD to leave him alone for his last few days on earth, withdrawing from him that he would have just a little cheer before he went, never to return, to the land of darkness and deep shadow in the afterlife. It was a land of utter gloom and total darkness without order, even shining in darkness (Job 10:18-22). The term “shines as the darkness,” I interpret to mean that darkness is the afterlife’s glory in this doomed place. Job’s view of eternity would eventually turn as we can read in Job 19:25-26. He was simply in the deep funk of despair in this outpouring of emotion.

-*Application* We’ve all pretty much been in this state of despondency at one time or another in our lives if we have lived very long. Life can be tough reeking all sorts of havoc in bringing us into a place of negativity and wishing we never existed. God understands our pain more than we know. God hears our sorrow and can certainly take our honesty in such moments of frustration. Thankfully, He is patient and kind even in our worst instances. His answers will come, just give Him time. We can’t afford to let our souls grow bitter. Continue in faith of His love, care, compassion, grace, and everlasting life.

Verse to Memorize: Job 10:1

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