Monday, November 28, 2016

Bible Study Notes in Acts- Chapter 25

Acts 25

-Festus arrives in the province to be governor and three days later he went up to Jerusalem from Caesarea Maritima, the Roman port city on the west coast of Israel. He is confronted by the chief priests and leading Jewish men concerning Paul as they wanted him to be brought back to Jerusalem for a trial and planned to kill him on the way (Acts 25:1-3).

-Festus wisely has them come to Caesarea for the accusations at first, but wants him to consent to a trial in Jerusalem as a favor to the Jews. This was a political move much like Felix had done to attempt to keep the peace with these religious fanatics from the Roman perspective. Paul, however, maintains his innocence of any wrongdoing  from these vicious accusations and appeals to Caesar as a Roman citizen (Acts 25:4-12).

-King Agrippa and Bernice come and spend many days with Felix in Caesarea and hear about the situation with Paul. Amid great pomp and circumstance Paul is brought out before the king and the prominent men of the city to give his defense since it seemed absurd to his captors to send a prisoner all the way to Rome without indicate a substantial charge against him (Acts 25:13-27). *Application* Paul’s life had been prophesied and now was the time of fulfillment to stand before kings and give an account for the hope that was in him through Jesus Christ, his living Savior (Acts 9:15-16). How about you? Has God given you a word about your future and the destiny that He has for you? Abide in His plan and work and He will bring forth all His good promises for you even though there will be suffering associated with it. Keep the faith and persevere!

Verses to Memorize: Acts 25:12-13

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