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Bible Study Notes in 2 Samuel- Chapter 23

2 Samuel 23

-David’s last words in the form of a song are declared. He was the son of Jesse raised on high by the call of the LORD, anointed by the God of Jacob. He was the sweet psalmist of Israel. The Spirit of the LORD spoke to him; His word was on his tongue. The Rock of Israel spoke to him and called him the one who rules over men righteously because he feared God. His house would be like the morning light that has no clouds, but springs tender grass out of the earth like right after rain. He was the recipient of the eternal covenant for the coming of Messiah. All of these things were ordered and secured by the Creator. He would sustain this and make it grow. However, for the worthless, they will be thrust away like thorns, “because they cannot be taken in hand.” The man who touches these worthless ones must be armed with iron and the shaft of a spear, and the worthless ones “will be completely burned with fire in their place (2 Samuel 23:1-7).” I interpret this to be prophetic to the perils of the coming kingdom of Israel and Judah, and the prophets who would encounter many worthless kings and religious leaders with the truth of God’s Word. Jerusalem would eventually be burned with fire and taken captive into Babylon (Jeremiah 39:1-9).

-Now in a wrap up of David’s valiant warriors who had helped him achieve his legendary stature, a quick synopsis and listing is given. (1) Adino, who killed 800 men at one time, (2) Eleazar, who killed Philistines by himself until his hand was weary clinging to the sword in one battle that gained a great victory for Israel from the LORD, and (3) Shammah, who took his stand in the midst of a plot and defended it by striking down Philistines to achieve another great victory were listed as the “three.” These were the mightiest of the mighty men, and were honored with this title. These three went down based on a wish of their leader, David, and valiantly retrieved water from the well of Bethlehem’s gates when the Philistines had a garrison stationed there. David then devoted this precious water to the LORD by pouring it out to Him. Then there was the thirty, or literally 37 in all, when they are enumerated. Chief among them were (1) Abishai, brother of Joab who killed 300 at one time, and (2) Benaiah, who killed the sons of Ariel of Moab and also a lion in the middle of a pit on a snowy day as well as an impressive Egyptian man with his own sword. These two were very close to attaining to the three, but were not numbered among them. They were commanders and honored among the thirty though. The rest of the names are mentioned in recognition of greatness including Uriah the Hittite, whom David had had killed in battle after his adulterous affair with Bathsheba (2 Samuel 23:8-39)

-*Application* David’s last psalm acknowledges his dependence on the providence of his Master. David was indeed the man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22). He pursued Him and was blessed. The same can go for us when we trust and obey listening to the LORD’s Voice and His promises for us individually. It was not an easy journey, but David stayed faithful and compliant with the LORD’s purposes and plans. For this he was honored, and so can we if we don’t falter or fade in His will. The mighty men who are recognized remind us that we each have a part to play in the grand scheme of things. Let us be mighty people of God and fight all the battles that he wants us to engage in for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

Verses to Memorize: 2 Samuel 23:5, 12

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