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Bible Study Notes in 1 Samuel- Chapter 10

1 Samuel 10

-Samuel anoints Saul as the ruler over God’s inheritance with oil poured over his head (1 Samuel 10:1). This was a symbolic coronation that this was much more than just a political act of establishment. This king of Israel would be God’s representative to the His people. A priest or prophet always did the anointing, which ties into Jesus’ future completion of the office of Prophet, Priest, and King (John 12:48-49, Hebrews 2:14-18, Revelation 19:16). The oil was an expensive mixture of olive oil, myrrh, and other spices in a beautifully fragrant offering. It represented the Holy Spirit’s power and presence in the person who was being anointed denoting great responsibility to lead God’s people by the LORD’s wisdom and not his own.

-Samuel then gave some instructions to this newly anointed king. He told him that when he went from him that day that he would find two men close to Rachel’s tomb in the territory of Benjamin at Zelzah. These would let him know that the donkeys had been found and that indeed the father, Kish, was anxious about his son’s well-being. Saul was told to go on from there to the oak tree of Tabor where he would find three men going up to God at Bethel (the House of God). They would be carrying three young goats, three loaves of bread, and a jug of wine. Saul was informed that he would be offered two loaves of bread, which he should accept from their hand. They would then proceed to the hill of God, where the Philistine garrison was, and meet up with a group of prophets in the city who would be coming down from the high place with harp, tambourine, flute, and lyre before them. They would also be speaking the word of God in prophesy as they came. Samuel told Saul, “Then the Spirit of the LORD will come upon you mightily, and you shall prophesy with them and be changed into another man. It shall be when these signs come to you, do for yourself what the occasion requires, for God is with you (1 Samuel 10:2-7).” Then Samuel told him to go down to Gilgal afterwards and wait for seven days until Samuel could come offer burnt offering, sacrifice peace offerings, and show him what he should do (1 Samuel 10:8).

-But, it happened when Saul turned his back to leave Samuel that God changed his heart and all those signs prophesied by Samuel came upon him that day. When they came to the hill, a group of prophets met him, and the Spirit of the LORD came upon him mightily right away so that he prophesied among them. All who knew Saul previously were astonished. They asked, “What has happened to the son of Kish? Is Saul among the prophets?” It would be and so has got religion now. A hard to believe occurrence and work of the LORD. It became known as a proverb, a general truth, that Saul was one of those among the prophets of the LORD. After he finished prophesying, he came to the high place. At that time, Saul’s uncle came to him and his servant asking where he had gone? Saul told him the sequence of events as they went looking for his father’s donkeys and how they came upon Samuel to gain understanding about the donkeys’ safety. The uncle really wanted to know what the prophet Samuel had told him, but Saul only kept it surface. He did not reveal to his uncle the matter of the kingdom’s anointing, which Samuel had placed on him (1 Samuel 10:9-16).

-Thereafter, Samuel gathered all the people at Mizpah and declared the word of God. He explained again how the LORD had brought His people up from Egypt and delivered them from all of their oppressors. He then reiterated that they were now rejecting their Covenant God who had delivered them for an earthly king to be over them. He then had them present themselves before the LORD by tribes and clans. Benjamin was taken by lot in this ceremony. The tribe of Benjamin then went near by their families, and the Matrite family was taken. Saul, the son of Kish, was selected, but he could not be found even though they looked diligently for him. After finally inquiring of the LORD as to if he had come there yet, God revealed to them that Saul was hiding in the baggage (kĕliy- instruments, vessels, articles, implements, utensils). This was the first indication of Saul’s double-mindedness in the Scriptures. He had hesitation and ran from the call of the LORD. He had fear instead of faith at this point, even though the LORD had come upon him mightily and he had experienced change. He drifted some. Ironically, the people still persisted in their quest for an earthly king against God’s wishes as they “ran” and “took” Saul from his place of hiding. He was brought out a magnificent specimen of a man with stature far exceeding those around him, even though he had shown some qualities of a coward. Samuel extolled him as the man whom the LORD had chosen. There was no one like him among the people. Outward appearances seemed to prove the position. So all the people agreed and shouted out, “Long live the king!” Samuel then told the people the lawful ordinances of the kingdom as directed by God. He wrote them in a book and placed them before the LORD ceremoniously. Then he sent all the people away to each his own house. Saul went back to his home in Gibeah, and the valiant men whose hearts were touched by God went with him in support. However, there were some worthless men who wondered if he could truly have the power to deliver them. They despised him and would not bring him any present. In fear probably rather than humility, Saul kept silent and did not oppose these skeptics (1 Samuel 10:17-27). This is further beginning evidence that Saul would be an inferior king.

-*Application* Be strong in the LORD by the power of His might. Don’t drift from your call or be afraid. God is never pleased with that. God was with Saul, but he never fully appropriated that in faith. He shrunk back. We cannot afford to do that with our lives (Hebrews 10:38-39). So stand up and be courageous in Christ.

Verse to Memorize: 1 Samuel 10:6

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