Friday, February 26, 2016

Bible Study Notes in Joshua- Chapter 18

Joshua 18

-Now the focus shifts onto the allotment for the remaining seven tribes as the congregation of the sons of Israel assemble themselves together at Shiloh where they set up the tent of meeting after the land had been subdued before them (Joshua 18:1-2). Joshua commanded that three men be provided from each tribe that they may be sent out to walk through the land and write a description of it according to their inheritance. Then they would return to Joshua there in Shiloh and the seven portions would be divided by lot before the LORD. Therefore, the men went out as directed and described the seven divisions in a book and presented it back to their leader. The lots were cast before the LORD, and Joshua divided out the land to the sons of Israel who had not yet received their inheritance (Joshua 18:3-10).

-The territory of Benjamin is described in great detail as the first portion. Their land lay between the sons of Judah to the south the sons of Joseph to the north. All of their borders were laid out specifically along with their fourteen cities. Places of note in this region were Jericho, Bethel, and the Jerusalem area (Joshua 18:11-28). Saul, Israel’s first king which came some 400 years later, was from this tribe of Benjamin, presumably from city of Gibeah (1 Samuel 9:21; 10:26). Benjamin was Jacob’s last son, born to Rachel whom he loved (Genesis 29:18-20; 35:16-19, 24).

-*Application* How do we make great decisions? Take this chapter and learn from it. Go and walk through the analysis part of the decision. Make note of every detail. Describe it. Meditate on it long and hard. Use the time you are given. Then, finally, bring it before the LORD and the people you respect and look up to in life. This is an awesome strategy for success in all sorts of decisions. The key is to bring the matter before the LORD, but there are other important aspects as we see here in the passage. Just remember to keep it all before the LORD with the right heart and spirit to do His will.

Verse to Memorize: Joshua 18:10

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