Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bible Study Notes in Daniel- Chapter 10

Daniel 10


-Chapter ten jumps in the time sequence to the period in which Daniel was serving Cyrus, king of Persia, who was the last king that Daniel served under. This indiscernible message to us (because in the text we are not given it) but discernable to Daniel of the latter days for the Jewish people had three specific characteristics: 1) It was true, 2) It was one of great conflict, 3) It left Daniel in anguish with no strength (Daniel 10:1, 14, 16). The context of the vision from God’s angel came in a time of mourning for Daniel. He had in fact mourned without tasty food, meat, wine, or ointment for three entire weeks (Daniel 10:2-3). But, on the 24th day of the first month (this would be the month of Nissan in the spring time), while Daniel was on the bank of the great Tigris River, he lifted his eyes and looked beholding a certain man described much like other visions of God in Scripture (Ezekiel 9:2, Daniel 10:4-6; 12:6, Revelation 1:13-14; 2:18; 19:12). The strength of this man (angel or Son of God?) caused dread on all those around Daniel even though they could not see him and they ran away to hide themselves (Daniel 10:7, Acts 9:7). Daniel had no strength left in him when this appearance occurred. When he heard the sound of tumult in the man’s words he fell into a deep sleep on his face with his face to the ground (Daniel 10:8-9). Then, a hand touched him and set him trembling on all fours (hands and knees). The voice told him that he was a man of high esteem and to understand the words he was about to receive. Daniel was then told to stand upright for this messenger had been sent specifically to him (Daniel 10:10-11). The prophet was told not to be afraid “for from the first day that you set your heart on understanding this and on humbling yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to your words (Daniel 10:12).” However, this warrior had been detained for 21 days by the prince of Persia (here we see the spiritual warfare with demonic activity), but Michael, the archangel or chief of princes, had come to help him since he had been left there with the kings of Persia (Daniel 10:12, 21; 12:1, Jude 1:9, Revelation 12:7). Now he was available to instruct the prophet, Daniel, to give him “understanding of what will happen to your people in the latter days, for the vision pertains to the days yet future (Daniel 10:14).” What Daniel saw, and we are left in the dark textually on this, left him face down and speechless. Anguish consumed him, and he retained no strength in his physical body (Daniel 10:15-16). But, “this one with human appearance” touched him again and strengthened Daniel. He reiterated that Daniel was a man of high esteem, to not be afraid, that peace was with him, and for him to take courage and be courageous (Daniel 10:18-19). The one asked Daniel if he completely understood why he had come to him. He then told the prophet that he had to go and return in the spiritual fight against the prince of Persia, and that the prince of Greece was about to come (Daniel 10:20). These forces were so powerful that only Michael was able to stand firmly with him (Daniel 10:21).

-*Application* We can only imagine what left Daniel so weakened and distraught from this harrowing vision. Maybe he was exposed to the atrocities of the Nazi regime upon his Jewish people. Perhaps he saw even more carnage of what is surely to come in these later days of demonic activity being poured out upon the physical earth in abominable ways. The spirit of mourning can bring on these disturbing thoughts and connections to the spiritual battle that is prevalent in our confusion, chaos, and humble state. This is going deep here, but anyone who has gone through traumatic grief can identify. The spiritual realm is real, and God is supremely victorious even in this place. If you are going through mourning, as Daniel certainly did as we see in the text (Daniel 10:2), be strengthened by God and His angels in your hours of desperate need. Even though there may be delays from things we know little about in the spiritual realm, persist in prayer and beseech the LORD to come and raise you up in confidence, courage, peace, and security knowing that God always hears us. The same God that Daniel served, we can serve and get redeeming help and understanding during our times of desperate need.


Verse to Memorize: Daniel 10:14

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