Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bible Study Notes in Ezra- Chapter 10

Ezra 10


-While Ezra was weeping and praying and making confession of intercession for the people of Israel before the House of God, a very large assembly of all sorts people, men, women and children, gathered to him and also wept bitterly (Ezra 10:1). They, led by Shecaniah, declared their unfaithfulness before the LORD in marrying foreign wives from the pagan lands, yet he claimed that in spite of this there is hope (Ezra 10:2). They made a covenant with their God to put away all the wives and children (much like Abraham had done, Genesis 21:9-21). The vast majority was with Ezra in this matter to be courageous and act unto sanctification in pure devotion to their LORD. They arose and took an oath as they assembled in Jerusalem in a heavy rain making confession and riding themselves of the guilt of Israel in the matter. They proclaimed as one voice, “That’s right! As you have said, so it is our duty to do (Ezra 10:12). Only a few people opposed this according to Scripture (Ezra 10:15). A proper investigation was made and the names were collected of men who needed to put away their foreign wives and children before the LORD (Ezra 10:16-44).

-*Application* Riding ourselves of godless things can be a pain-staking process unless we are truly and completely devoted in love to the God we are turning to. We must be unadulterated in our coming to the LORD by faith and obedience. As we see in this passage, there is no other way to cleanse our guilt caused by sin and corruption. Whatever is holding you back in your life from coming completely to Christ needs to be totally put away and eradicated. This is the only way to be truly set free. The first step is repentance, the next step is saving faith in the Savior and what He for you on the cross, and then follow Him in trusting obedience to His commands for love and well-being.


Verse to Memorize: Ezra 10:12

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