Friday, June 22, 2012

Exodus Bible Study Notes Chapter 37


Exodus 37 

-The work on the furniture for the tabernacle headed up by Bezalel is depicted for our information here in chapter 37. The ark, the mercy seat, the two cherubim (angelic depictions), the table (with its untensils, dishes, pans, bowls, and jars), the lampstand, and the altar of incense were all covered with pure gold in their instructed dimensions. Along with these the holy anointing oil and incense spices were made as the work of a perfumer. *Application* What strikes me is how everything was covered in the purest of gold. This reminds of our future with Christ in the New Jerusalem with streets of pure gold (Revelation 21:21). This will be a beautiful sight as one can imagine. In this present age the city of Jerusalem is adorned with beautiful pale, meleke and dolomitic limestone as old as the earth. Its foundation walls, ancient buildings, as well as modern masonry are all this white stone that was mandated throughout the city in all new structures in 1918 by British law. This requirement has remained in effect to this day and creates a uniform appearance in the holy city that is splendid and breath taking. The only noticeable variation to the limestone (which makes up nearly all sidewalks and steps as well) is the dome of the rock, which is covered in gold. This dome shines forth as the dominant center piece of the city where the Temple once stood (and will stand again). This shining gold is to me a glimpse into what will make up the New Jerusalem in God’s glory and radiance when He comes and makes things completely perfect.

Verse to Memorize: Exodus 37:1

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