Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Luke Bible Study Notes Chapter 20

Luke 20

-Here in chapter twenty we see the inspection of the perfect Lamb of God continuing in the Temple area of Jerusalem. In the Old Testament Law, the sacrificial lamb was to be inspected carefully to make sure that there were no imperfections before the slaughter. This was a pointing to this time as Jesus was inspected by the religious leaders having no spot or blemish. He answered accurately and wisely putting to shame those trying to trick Him and trip Him up on His words. They had thought they had devised some impossible questions to answer, but somehow Jesus in His perception turned the impetus back on them.

-In the first account we see Jesus dodge the question of His authority by posing an unanswerable question back to the chief priests and scribes and elders. They could not answer him because they did not believe in the message of John the Baptist, and they feared the people too much. This exposes them in the sight of all as frauds and hypocrites. *Application* Always remember this statement…”Never confuse the will of the majority with the will of God.” The only One to fear is the Lord, not man.

-Next a parable against those who persecuted the prophets and would kill the Son is given. The religious leaders understood that Christ spoke against them and tried to lay hands on Him, but His time had not yet come. Jesus is again prophesying here concerning the destruction of Jerusalem and the opening of the Kingdom to the Gentiles because of Jewish rejection of their Messiah.

-The inspections continue with a question about taxes. Jesus astutely answers that we should render to our government leaders what they deserve and to God the things that are His (Romans 13:1-8). *Application* Shame on us if we ever cheat on our taxes willingly and knowingly. This is a direct command in Scripture and we will be held accountable for that. Our government, the Bible says, is there to protect us and help us lead peaceful lives. Humble obedience to their righteous laws is a mandate. Also, don’t rob God by holding back from Him and hording your material possessions (Malachi 3:8-12). Luke continues to make this a theme in his writing.

-Now some Sadducees question Him concerning the resurrection. Jesus answers them from the grammar of the Scriptures (the burning bush passage is using the present tense, Exodus 3:6). *Application* Things like this instance is why I would consider myself verbal-plenary (the very words of Scripture are full and complete in inspiration from God, 2 Peter 1:20-21, 2 Timothy 3:16).

-The inspection concludes with the religious leaders having no courage left to ask Him anymore questions about anything. Jesus does go on to make another point from the Scriptures about His Divinity. He uses Psalm 110:1 to make a point about who the proper Lord is that David was speaking of as a Son.

-Jesus ends the chapter with a cautionary word to the people about the pride and deceit and hypocrisy of the scribes who are all about appearance. In other portions of Scripture these religious leaders are referred to as “whitewashed tombs (Matthew 23:27, Luke 11:43-44).” *Application* Beware in this day and age of pastors and ministers of the church who are all about public show and demonstration with no actual heart for God. There are still fakes and frauds about if you care to pay attention. Watch out for the “bling!”

Verse to Memorize: Luke 20:25

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