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Genesis Bible Study notes- Chapter 27


Chapter 27-

-The saga continues as Isaac becomes old and the time comes for him to give out his blessing, which he designs for his oldest son, Esau. He sends him to the field to bring back a savory dish of game, which he loved, and then bless him.

-Rebekah overhears what is going on and perpetrates a deception with the younger twin, Jacob, whom the LORD had prophesied would inherit the promise (Genesis 25:23). She instructs Jacob to go get two choice young goats for her to prepare. Jacob realizes that he is a smooth man compared to the hairiness of his brother (they were not identical twins), and that his father would curse him rather than give blessing if he was caught in this trespass. Therefore, they decide to put goat’s hair on his hands (forearms) and neck and Esau’s clothes were worn. Isaac’s eyes were dim from age and he could not see to make out his sons.

-Isaac tries to test the boy as the feast takes place, but is tricked by the younger son and his mom into blessing Jacob. Outright lies are exchanged in the conversation from Jacob as Isaac blesses his son with the dew of heaven (rain for crops), fatness of the earth, abundance of grain and new wine, leadership over peoples, nations, and family. He gives curses to those who curse Jacob and blessings to those who bless him. Words over people are important. Our words have an effect and we need to speak blessing over people whenever possible according to the LORD’s desire. It is the last thing Jesus did before He ascended back to the Father (Luke 24:51). It is important that we speak well of God’s people, the sons of Israel (this is Jacob’s name later in his life). America will prosper only as long as it supports God’s people as evidenced from this passage and also Genesis 12:3.

-Later, Esau comes in from his hunt expecting to be blessed, but finds that his younger brother has stolen his blessing now as well as his birthright. He is intensely distraught, along with his father, and weeps, wails, and becomes very angry to the point of wanting to kill his brother upon the death of his father. He begs for a blessing, but Isaac’s words will send him away from the fertile land toward the harshness of the eastern region and by the sword he will live. Esau’s grudge against his brother necessitates Rebekah sending Jacob away to Haran for safety and to find a wife from their relatives. She sends Jacob, with Isaac’s permission, to her brother Laban in the north. This of course is where Rebekah came from when she married Isaac and where Abraham came from as well.

Verse to Memorize: Genesis 27:28-29

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