Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Big Apple Adventure Newsletter Day 3

Hey Everybody!

This is Joe Gagliardi…nough said. Last night was a thrill aminute as we got “undignified” in Christ, washed some kids’ feet, shouted forjoy unto the Lord and prayed with conviction! We tallied 21 more awesomechildren into our event to learn more about how they could “connect with love”(1 John 4:9) in the story of a woman who loved Jesus much cause she had beenforgiven much. That means we had 111 learners last night! O my, if we get just24 more tonight, yours truly gets a pie in the skull!!! I’ll take it like a manif we get these beautiful children here to hear the gospel, which I will besharing tonight. Please pray for me to clearly share this precious truth of ourSavior Jesus Christ and how He delivers us from sin this evening. Pray heartsof adults and children will receive the message and turn to the living Lord forsalvation.

 Today's Important Information:

1)      Responsecards for any of you who have spiritual conversations that you feel need to bedocumented for our church’s follow-up purposes can be found at the registrationtable. You are encouraged to communicate with these children the love of Jesusany time you can and let us know the great things God is doing.
2)      Tonightwe will be presenting the gospel in the worship rally and I will more thanlikely need some help with salvation counseling with the students. What I amplanning on doing is to have them stand and then have an adult join them andtake them aside in the sanctuary after everyone is gone to answer any spiritualquestions, make sure they understood the gospel, and fill out a response card.If you do not have other responsibilities during the first rotation, pleasemake yourself available for this ministry. I’ve attached the “Leading a Childto Christ” material one more time if you need a refresher on how to communicatefrom Scripture with them.
3)      Wemay run long tonight in the worship rally as the Spirit of God leads. If thishappens, we will stagger the rest of the rotation times throughout the eveningto give every rotation equal time. So be prepared to possibly end a few minutesearlier with your rotation. This may affect the recreation/snack group themost. I’ll do my best to communicate with you guys on this.
4)      I’vedecided to forego the video portion of our worship rally because of timeconstraints and some technical difficulties last night if any were wonderingabout that.
5)      Pleasebe promoting our mission’s offering for the homeless here in Ft. Worth. Icompletely forgot to promote that last night at the end of the service so wewill have little time for them to remember to bring their coins and dollars infor this important gift.
6)      Therewas some confusion last night. We will meet for corporate prayer at 5:30pm andthen eat. Tonight’s menu includes sandwiches and nuggets and tea from Chic-fil-a!

 Devotional for Today:

Ephesians 6:19  19Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so thatI will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel.

Paul asked for prayer inhis missionary endeavors. You also be in prayer for those of us sharing thegood news this week with our children in the worship rally, the classes, and inour free time. Pray that God would alert us to the opportunities we have rightnow before us to share life, liberty, and peace through Jesus Christ to thosecrushed, hurting, and broken souls that have come into our church’s influence.

Pray for a fearlesspresentation, that the Holy Spirit would have full control over our minds andemotions that He could speak through our voices of His wonderful saving truth.

The gospel is a mysterythat needs to be made known today just as vitally as in the day of Paul. We areseeking to inform a lost and dying generation with the good news of JesusChrist. Pray and act as God leads in this incredible mission!

Have a blessed day; let us gathertonight with one purpose: "Connect with Trust!"

Yourz Truly!

Chris Robbins (AKA Joe Gagliardi)

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